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2012-12-18 PORTALUS GAMES AND THE FUTURE OF POTBS 344 Views 0 Comments
After much review and consideration, SOE and Flying Lab Software have decided that Pirates of the Burning Sea will leave the SOE family of games on January 31, 2013. Portalus Games, a new company made up of former Flying Lab employees, is planning...
2012-06-04 Counter-Strike: GO release date/price is out. 497 Views 0 Comments
Valve has just announced the launch date of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: August 21. A collaboration with Defense Grid developers Hidden Path, Valve also mentioned that CS:GO will cost $15 “on all platforms.”

The beta for the game continues...
2011-12-01 Rückblick auf Deine Spiele-History 843 Views 0 Comments
1.Welches Genre hast Du wohl am meisten gezockt? Erinnerst Du Dich noch an besonders denkwürdige und einzigartige Momente in jenem Genre, welche noch lange im Gedächtnis bleiben werden?
Am meisten Zeit gefressen haben wohl die Ego Shooter und...
2011-10-23 The Truth. 706 Views 0 Comments
You eat,you're fat.
You don't eat,you're a freak.
You drink, you're an alcoholic.
You don't drink, you're a pussy.
You read, you're a nerd.
You don't read, you're stupid.
You tell a secret, you're an attention seeker.
You don't tell a secret,...
2011-10-03 Battlefield 3 - Meine Meining (zur Open Beta) 841 Views 1 Comment
Wie schon bei Crysis 2 oder Medal of Honor möchte ich an dieser Stelle nach dem testen der MP Beta ganz kurz ein persönliches Fazit abgeben.

Grafisch ist Battlefield 3 definitiv top.
Nachdem ich von diversen Seiten schon gehört hatte wie mies es...