Xfire Miniprofiles

What are Miniprofiles?
By now, you've been racking up hours of game time on Xfire. But how are you going to show off the fact that you spent the majority of last week fragging your friends? Or what if you want to let people who visit your website know where you're playing online, so they can hop on Xfire and join the fun?
Enter Xfire miniprofiles. Xfire miniprofiles display near-live Xfire info in an image that can be embedded on any web page, forum, or e-mail. The information can include your online/offline status, what game you are playing, what game server you are in, as well as your top game for the current week and all time. Now you can show off your Xfire profile anywhere on the web! Set up your clan site to show what your teammates have been playing. Add a signature to your account across the net. Share your Xfire info everywhere!

How do I create my miniprofile?

To create a miniprofile for use on any web page, use the form below:
Xfire Username:

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Your miniprofile with your current online status:
Copy and paste this HTML code to embed your miniprofile in a web page:
Copy and paste this BB code to embed your miniprofile into a PHPBB signature (e.g. in forums):

Here's an example of what a miniprofile looks like when you're playing a game:
Further Info
Can Xfire Miniprofiles be embedded in email?
Many mail clients allow you to use Xfire miniprofiles in your signature. Detailed instructions for the most popular mail clients are available.
What Xfire info will be on my miniprofile?
At a minimum, all miniprofiles will show your nickname (with username in parentheses) and your status which will either be offline, online, or the name of whatever game you're currently playing on Xfire.
Depending on the size of the miniprofile you selected above, your miniprofile can show a lot more. For example, the large miniprofile can also display the IP of the game server you're playing, which game you've played the most during the last week, as well the the game you've played most of over your entire Xfire lifetime. Finally, the miniprofile can also grab your avatar from the Xfire forums and displays that as well, as long as it is one of the avatars that are automatically available through our forums. Custom, remote linked avatars cannot be displayed.
World of Warcraft Skin
You must have WoW characters on your profile page before you can select the World of Warcraft miniprofile skin:
  1. Play World of Warcraft with Xfire running
  2. Find the WoW character module on your profile page
  3. Click "EDIT CHARACTERS" in the upper right corner of the module
  4. Enter the Name, Realm and Region for each character
  5. The last character you enter will be displayed in the miniprofile
  6. Return to this page
  7. Select "World of Warcraft" in the "Skin" menu
Miniprofiles in other languages
You're in luck. In keeping with Xfire's international userbase, you're able to get your miniprofile in German. Go to the German miniprofile instructions to have this done automatically.